Animal-Assisted Therapeutic Interventions (a.k.a. Bring your spoiled animal to work day!)

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I bit my tongue.

It may be hard for many of you to believe (especially those of you who know me well), but I actually bite my tongue a lot!

Okay…maybe I didn’t completely stay silent…but I kept my smart-ass comments quiet enough that only my wife could hear them.

Okay…I mostly kept my, aforementioned, comments quiet enough that only my wife could hear them…then we had our lunch break and I ranted for the allotted hour about how the speaker had a great understanding of the human-psychological/legal sides of using animals in therapeutic settings…but how his understanding of animal behavior, and the history of domestication of animals was almost completely incorrect, and pure piffle! PIFFLE I say!!!

(I also, intermittently, ranted about the quality of the “bison-burger” I was eating and how “chef’s apparently don’t understand the meaning of “medium-rare” these days”, the recent study featured in a Scientific…

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