How to Harvest Basil

A Round Rock Garden

I harvested the herb garden again this weekend.  Although I didn’t blog about it at the time, the last harvest was three weeks ago, so the herbs were in need of a good trimming.   While I think i did a good job with placement of the herbs when I planted the garden, the marjoram has a little difficulty between the two towering basil plants after only a couple of weeks.  The basil grows faster than all of the other herbs and it doesn’t take long for it to create a bit of shade for the marjoram, which wants more light.  I know it is time to cut the herbs when the marjoram starts looking really leggy because of the increase in shade.

This and the next few entries will go step-by-step through the harvesting steps to help out anyone brand new to growing, harvesting and drying herbs.

How to Harvest…

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